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Dance Styles


These items are performed each year.



The value of correct deportment is highlighted in Figure Marching.  The marching team must execute many intricate formations and patterns but deportment is the single most important factor and must be maintained strictly at all times.  The uniformity in style of each marcher is another basic requirement and the rhythm and precision within the team must be identical.  Ideally, the marching formations should be original and varied throughout the performance.  As with all Calisthenics items, teamwork is essential.



Free Exercises is a series of strong movements, correct in technique, involving high levels of flexibility and agility.  Imaginative choreography and varied movements (eg. backbends, walkovers, leg mounts, splits, cartwheels etc.) demonstrate the physical capabilities of the performers.  



Club Swinging is one of the routines in which an apparatus is used.  It involves the swinging of clubs in unison with perfect rhythm in a circular movement using both hands to swing the clubs in various directions and positions.  It demands coordination, concentration and many hours of practice.  An accomplished team can execute complex movements as each club swings through a perfect circle on an imaginary plan and teamwork is essential.



Rod Exercises also uses an apparatus that is made of aluminium and is approximately 5-10mm in diameter.  The manipulation of this simple piece of equipment demonstrates the coordination which can be achieved.  Whilst the rod itself is the focal point, the use of the body and legs are incorporated into the sets of exercises.



One of the following one special items is performed at competitions each year.  The item to be performed in any given year for each section is announced by the Calisthenics Association of SA (CASA).



The Aesthetic section comprises a series of movements which are soft and flowing.  Music is chosen for its variety of mood and tempo, but more particularly to facilitate the flow of the routine and the expression of the performers.  Elevated movements are not permitted.  Artistic groups, individual roles and abstract mime can also be introduced to add interest to the choreography.



Within Rhythmic Interpretations, turn-out, arm, foot and head positions are as for Aesthetic Exercises, however elevation is the essential component (eg. movements such as jete, grand-jete, cabriole and pirouette).  The dance can be set to a variety of rhythms and interpretation of a theme is expressed throughout the dance through music, costuming and the use of mime and possibly principal dancers.



Throughout this type of presentation, singing and dancing must be evenly balanced, with the theme of the song carrying through and influencing the dance.  The type of dance performed is optional and the Coach has unlimited freedom in the choreography of steps and movements.



Creativity and entertainment are the keys to this item. Items are often complex and can represent mini-productions.  This item combines many aspects of calisthenics such as singing, dancing, acting and clever costuming all designed to entertain the audience. All movements and music are chosen in pertinence to the chosen theme.


This item is based strongly around a theme and the team's ability to portray the character of their theme through dance.  Correct technique, uniformity and interpretation are all important in this vibrant item. Mime, acting and creativity bring this item to life.



This item is purely a dance section.  Choreography is limited only by the Coach’s imagination.



Calisthenics is predominantly a team sport and the main focus is always on the team performance, however team members can also compete individually as soloists or in a Calisthenic Duo.



The Calisthenics Best Type Solo or Duo is an optional routine the girls may learn.  The routine comprises of elements of Free Exercises, Dance and may include Aesthetic and Rhythmic style movements.  Solos and Duos are a great way to develop confidence and performance skills as well as extending the skills learnt in team items.



The Graceful Girl section is an optional routine.   The routine comprises of aesthetic and rhythmic movements and is designed to enhance the dancers grace, poise and ability to interpret music. 

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