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Club Expectations



For the benefit of the team, girls are advised to remain for the full year until after the End of Year Concert, or at least until competitions.  Calisthenics is a team sport therefore the girls depend on each other.  Every girl is very important to her team and so it is imperative for all participants to attend all practice sessions.  High levels of attendance enable the Coach to ensure the team is working with uniformity and precision.


New students will be accepted as from the beginning of the year until (at the discretion of the coach) it is considered that late commencement would jeopardise the team for competitions.  New students may also join after competitions for their particular section. 




This weekend camp is usually held prior to the commencement of the May Competitions.  The camp is organised and attended by the Committee and all students (except Tinies) are asked to participate.  Although the purpose of the camp is to learn routines and work on technique, it also serves as an opportunity to build friendships, promote fellowship and to enable the younger students to work in a close relationship with the senior students (which in not possible in normal class situations).  




Girls will be expected to attend some extra practices during the year.  Extra Practices during the year are held prior to competitions, with each team (excluding Tinies) being scheduled up to four extra practices, as well as a stage practice at the Royalty Theatre.  Team Coaches will notify in writing of all extra practices.




Each team (excluding Demonstration Tinies) will have a stage practice in the lead up to Competitions.  Stage practices are held at the Royalty Theatre, 65 Angas Street, Adelaide.  Royalty Practices are very important.  It is a chance for the girls to practice on the stage, without the nerves, and to also practice their stage balance. 




Two concerts are held each year. 


The Mid Year Rehearsal Concert is held prior to the commencement of the annual competitions.  Its main purpose is that of full rehearsal for competitions, to give the teams an opportunity to present their items before an audience under competition conditions and to give parents, families and friends a chance to view the work which the students have learned. 


The End of Year Concert is usually held in late September/early October and provides a very entertaining evening.  Prizes are raffled and trophies and prizes are awarded at this Concert.




Windsor Calisthenics Club is a competitive Club affiliated with the Calisthenics Association of South Australia (CASA).  The Association sets the type of work to be presented at competitions each year. 


All sections compete in two competitions.


May Competitions

Girls perform three items (selected by CASA) and present their items in a black leotard.


State Competitions

These competitions are held in July/August/September.  Teams wear costumes and are adjudicated.


Dates are set by CASA and all competitions are held at the Royalty Theatre.




In line with Sports Medicine Australia recommendations, the following policy has been developed for Calisthenics in South Australia.  Please see below for the rules on lesson cancellation during extreme heat.  This applies to all teams/sections.

  • If the forecast temperature (on the 6pm National Nine News or 7pm ABC television news service the previous evening) exceeds 38 degrees Celsius, practice is cancelled (even if the hall is air-conditioned). 

  • If the forecast temperature (on the 6pm National Nine News or 7pm ABC television news service the previous evening) does not exceed 38 degrees Celsius and the actual temperature during practice (as reported by the Bureau of Meteorology) exceeds 38 degrees Celsius, the coach shall terminate the practice (even if the hall is air-conditioned).

  • If lessons are to be cancelled you will be notified by either your child’s coach or a committee member.  Any cancelled lessons due to hot weather will be re-scheduled to a suitable time, if possible.

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